Support your favourite team 24/7

It’s a huge decision: choosing a sports team to support as a child.

We can etch your favourite sports team photo, logo or mascot onto high-quality Italian slate. Creating a new way of showing your support for your favourite team.

Supporting a sports team is about more than just entertainment. It can make you happier and you don’t have to support  the winning team to gain the benefits. The majority of individuals pick their favourite sports team based on the city they live in. People are also influenced by who their parents support. 

It is also known that people can like and support a sports team simply because of the team’s logo, mascot, or even colours. It makes watching sports way more fun when you have a favourite team.

The best sports teams are made up of players who work together and are willing to make sacrifices for one-another . A team which is made up of unselfish players who support each other are more likely to perform better than a group of individuals that don’t play as a team. For many supporters their choice of sporting team is an extension of their self-image, personality traits and who they are as a person.

It has been known that people gain self-esteem benefits from simple associations with successful others. However, for other people, the need to belong is even more powerful than the need for positive self-esteem. 

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