Our Process

Our slates are etched on dark, smooth, flawless Italian slate which we find gives the clearest image.

The journey from your photo to your etching:-

  1. Our slate arrives direct from Italy as a large slab.

  2. We cut each slab down to the size required using a water cooled laser guided saw to create blanks.

  3. Each blank is drilled, polished and washed with water to ensure a dust free product. 

  4. The blanks are left to dry naturally in air in one of our specialised drying racks.

  5. Once fully dried we select the size specified from your order and ensure it is free from significant flaws.

  6. Your photo is loaded onto our photo editing software where we adjust the contrast and size to make it a perfect fit for the blank.

  7. After we are happy with both the photo and the blank slate we start the etching process.

  8. After etching we use a soft brush to remove the dust that etching creates & then we seal your slate. The sealer is the only chemical that is used in the whole etching process - the environment is important to us at Goffod.

  9. The sealer is left to dry naturally for 24 hours. We then inspect every part of the slate to ensure it is perfect to send to you.

  10. Your etching is securely packaged, labelled & delivered to you.
Note on sizing:  We make every effort to cut our slates precisely but as slate is a natural product they can occasionally be +/- 5mm from the stated size.

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