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What type of image is it best to use?

We have found that most images work well on the slate however :-

The better the quality of the photo the better the end result!

Colour photos give the best results as it gives us greater control over the process of conversion to greyscale. 

High contrast images seem to give the best results.

Downloaded images, as opposed to screenshots, give better results.

Please contact us using the link above, phone or email if you are unsure if your image is suitable.

How much does my slate weigh?

slate has a density of 2.7 g/cc therefore the following sizes weigh:-

300mm x 200mm x 20mm = 3.2Kg

300mm x 300mm x 20mm = 4.9Kg

300mm x 400mm x 20mm = 6.5Kg

300mm x 600mm x 20mm = 9.7Kg

375mm x 500mm x 20mm = 10Kg

Are the fixings easy to fix to the wall?

Our fixings are screwed to the wall using the same methods as you would fix a shelf. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this we recommend you consult a handyman.

Do you supply all the fixings required?

All our wall fixed slates come with the Z bar fixings included, however we do not supply the screws to attach the bar to the wall as different types of wall need different screws.

Our 300mm x 200mm also has a stand option & we supply an Allen key to enable the stand to be attached to the slate.

Can I leave my slate outside in all weathers?

Our slate is high quality & exceptionally resilient to water ingress and frost shattering, after all, it’s over 50 million years old & has been used on rooftops for over 500 years.

Our slates are sealed with a top quality sealer. 


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