Make your house a home

Make your house a home by displaying a unique piece of art for your visitors to admire.

We etch your favourite photos onto beautiful Italian slate creating a unique everlasting memory which can be passed down the generations. Personalise the image to your taste and create a sense of expression in your home: display your personality in a new light.

Art injects life into a home. Your home is your place to be you and that's why decorating it to your liking is so important. You need to feel relaxed and happy in your own space.

When displayed in your home, original art can change the feelings one experiences in that room, making it more comfortable.

Here are 10 reasons why you should display unique Goffod art in your home:

  1. Art brings life into a space.
  2. Art reflects your personality.
  3. Art creates focal points in a space.
  4. Art inspires a feeling in a room.
  5. Art showcases the full personalities found in your home.
  6. Art inspires its viewers.
  7. Art can stimulate conversations between guests.
  8. Art can show information about your past or future.
  9. Art can help drive you as an individual.
  10. Art is a source of pride for the owner.



Whatever your personality or taste, get your most loved photo etched onto beautiful Italian slate, simply upload your photo.