Corporate creations

Here at Goffod, we create a unique way of showcasing high-quality images. We etch images onto Italian slate in a range of different sizes, displaying the finest of photos on stone slate: which are perfect to be displayed in a corporate setting.

We can create a range of different stone slate designs for your company. We create corporate welcome signs or plaques which are a great way of welcoming your clients into the office as well as office table motifs and stair feature pieces which are a perfect way to leave your client feeling impressed. We can also create your companies’ mission and vision statement etched onto stone slate for that extra bit of motivation in the office, this also informs clients that as a company you set goals and reflect on your achievements. We also have many more designs perfect for you to show off in the office.

A speciality of ours is the creation of a feature wall piece which can breakdown an image into 12 different pieces, each with a 3-millimetre gap clad to the wall which is stainless steel to hold it in place. This can be created using any photo of your choice:  ideal for corporations as they can be placed on the floor or the wall, creating a spectacular piece of art. This can also be done as office cladding whichever you prefer.

These designs are perfect for corporate surroundings and can be personalised to your taste and vision, we can make your office feel like less of a corporate workplace and more of an office creation.

Our goal is to impress your clients by telling them your office feature wall is made out of 50-million-year-old slate. Something when you tell them they won’t believe you and they’ll want to find out more! We believe this has never been done anywhere else before, making us unique. When in a corporate meeting of any kind, you want to impress your client, sponsor or partner. Make yourself memorable, make the client come back! You need to make yourself stand out from the crowd and create a statement in your office, don’t let your client leave feeling dull.

Goffod can do just that for you!

We would love to hear from you, get in touch with us and we can discuss your vision to a unique corporate creation further.