Capturing your pet in all their beauty

Do you have a pet at home?

If so, you’ll know that loving feeling you get when you arrive home after a long day at work, to be greeted with a wagging tail and affectionate eyes. This is how you know its unconditional love. Every pet is part of the family and it is important to make them feel loved back.

Around 51 million of us in the UK own a pet, with the most popular household pet being a dog. It’s been found, dog owners take more photos of their dog than they do their partner. Why not have one of these lovely pictures turned into an everlasting piece of art, the perfect way to show appreciation for your pet.

The United Kingdom is a nation of pet lovers which is why Goffod aims to capture your pets’ finest moments. Us as humans love pets, whether it be dog, cat, rabbit or hamster, even though your pet can’t give you anything in return, millions of people keep them and consider them an integral part of the family.

When humans work closely with animals, bonds form. Although early humans may have first taken to domesticate animals as living tools, they quickly recognised the other benefits of animals as pets that we still see today. Pets are comforting companions. They keep us healthy and relieve our stress. For several decades there was a fundamental view that pets provided health benefits such as increased psychological well-being and could even make people live longer.

We etch your favourite photo of your furry friend onto stone slate creating an irreplaceable piece of artwork. Not only is this perfect to sit pride of place above the fireplace but this is also a perfect gift for someone who adores their pet.

Here at Goffod, we love pets, we can capture your pet in all their beauty.

Get started now to create your perfect pet portrait.